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Tudor Trivia – Minions

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The Minion, from the original in the Anthony Roll Via Wikimedia Commons

The Minion, from the original in the Anthony Roll
Via Wikimedia Commons

Amongst Henry VIII’s fleet was a 300 ton carrack called The Minion.


While today the name is more commonly associated with the little yellow creatures from the “Despicable Me” franchise, in Tudor England a ‘Minion’ was a type of muzzle-loading gun, with a 3 inch (7.62 cm) bore that fired 5lb (2.27kg) shot.


According to the Anthony Roll, a 1546 document which lists all of Henry’s fighting ships, including the recently lost Mary Rose, the Minion (spelled Mynnyon on the roll, but there’s a lot of interesting spellings – just ask the Pawncey (Pansy) of the Jhesus of Lubeke (Jesus of Lubeck)!) didn’t carry any of the guns that gave the ship its name. The Mary Rose carried four Minions in 1540, but they’d been taken off by 1545 when she sank.

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