Group Visits


Why should the children have all the fun?

Adult Learning Talks

Adult Learning Talks are delivered by our award winning Education Team in the Stavros Niarchos Learning Centre. With the ability to deliver tailored talks on a range of topics relating to the unique collection of the Mary Rose, these Talks enable an indepth insight into aspects of the Mary Rose story that aren’t often explored.


Adult Learning Talks at the Mary Rose Museum are £10 per person (this must be purchased alongside a Museum ticket, which is purchased separately). These talks run for an hour.


What Sank the Mary Rose?

Explore the on-going mystery of the sinking of King Henry VIII’s favourite warship. Consider the conflicting evidence from contemporary sources and hear about new ideas on the subject then make up your own mind!


Handle and identify the mystery objects to discover the astonishing breadth of the collection from the wreck.


Kill or Cure: Just how bad was Tudor Medicine?

A light-hearted look at the evidence from the Surgeon’s cabin on the Mary Rose. What do the human remains tell us about the illnesses and injuries suffered by the men and the possible treatments?


Handle replica items from the Surgeon’s chest and investigate the use of herbal remedies on board.


Lost and Found: The Archaeology of the Mary Rose

Whether you remember the raising of the Mary Rose in 1982 or not, discover the archaeological story from seabed to showcase. A huge feat of human endeavour, the Mary Rose project has transformed our understanding of Tudor history, maritime archaeology and conservation science.


Use microscopes to discover the conservation process and handle real rope and wood from the Mary Rose.


Highlights Headset Tour

An alternative option to the specialist talk is to book a ‘Highlights Headset Tour.’ Between 5 and 20 people can enjoy a live tour of the museum by a passionate member of the Mary Rose team via a headset. Your group will be provided with a unique insight into some of the most interesting items in the collection. This tour is priced at £5.00 per person (does not include entry to the Museum, this must be purchased additionally) and can last from 45 minutes to two hours. Please note that this tour must be booked one week in advance and will be subject to availability. Groups larger than 20 can be split.


To find out more about what we can offer groups, please contact or call 02392 812931 to speak to our Events Team.