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Audio Insights Tour

Welcome to the Mary Rose Museum Audio Insights tour. This isn’t a guided tour around the Mary Rose Museum; rather a guide to some of the more interesting objects in the collection, and how they can tell us more about Tudor life.


As you go around the museum, keep an eye out for numbers relating to the objects that appear in the thumbnails below. these thumbnails lead to mp3 files, which you can either play ‘live’, or download to an mp3 player. 


We do ask that when you listen to this guide, you should wear headphones while in the museum, to avoid disturbing other visitors.


If you require further information, please speak to one of the museum staff and volunteers who will be happy to tell you all you need to know.


The BellJuly 19th, 1545Anti-Boarding NettingThe Ship's DogMaster Gunner's ChestSurgeon's SyringeChaos CaseThe ArcherNye CoopFoodGold CoinsMast TopLongbowsCulverinStill ShawmPaternoster