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The Mary Rose is one of the most important archaeological finds of the past century, yet she is also extremely fragile.


After years of planning, fundraising and building, the Mary Rose Museum opened to the public on 31st May 2013. However, our task has not finished as we have yet more artefacts to conserve and phase two of the museum development to complete. We also need support maintaining and continuing to develop our innovative education and outreach programme, as well as ourvital research into conservation and maritime archaeology.


To conserve the Mary Rose for future generations, we continue to need the support of people who care for our nation’s rich and unique cultural heritage,



With your help, we can make sure this glorious ship can be preserved for the future, alongside her artefacts in an innovative museum. There are many ways you can help us to continue our work, from becoming a Friend, Patron or Flag Officer to making one-off donations, or simply by using EasyFundraising when you do your online shopping.


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You can also support the Mary Rose Permanent Endowment Fund, where every pound you give can be matched by a pound from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  To find out more please contact s.tyrrell@maryrose.org.

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